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It’s been 14 days since the start of Kickstarter campaign of “Our Friend Satan” graphic novel, and it seems that authors already have the funding in their pocket. So what’s so special about this comic book that makes people want to pledge their hard earned money to it? Well, let me tell you.


Its Satan. Well, maybe not at first, because as you can see he looks pretty regular. Tired, stressed, depressed. When we see him for the first time he’s wearing a bathrobe and holding a plate of cold spaghetti.

He doesn’t need horns because he’s busy pushing papers all day, watching football all nights (he’s a big fan of German national football team) and drinking vodka with his demon-buddies. Not a Prince of Darkness, that we might have imagined.

But there’s a reason to everything. You see, the Church’s propaganda got pretty radical these days, showing Satan as a horrendous beast, with horns and tentacles, and he just cannot stand this anymore. In the old days he had some cools tricks up his sleeve – smoke, fire, these kind of stuff. But today? It just doesn’t work anymore. Even Satanists turn their backs on him, so as you can see – its pretty serious.

So what can you do, when someone says bad things about you? Sue them for defamation, of course. And that’s exactly what he does!

This comic book is a hilarious and fun story and I recommend it to anyone for a good laugh. But it also conveys some deeper truths about our reality, and that’s what really interesting in “Our Friend Satan” graphic novel. 

You can check it for yourself by reading first 18 pages here:

At the moment authors secured publishing deal in Poland, and they are looking for publisher in US and UK. Until they find it the only way to get your hands on finished comic book in English version is by pledging to their Kickstarter:

I’d recommend doing so, as this is really interesting.

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