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The crew had finally decided to move out and reach for some cool icons that still honour and practice exceptional artwork in our time, we found One! From the Western Part of Africa, his works had been reviewed as amazing. He agreed to share a little of his time with us.


Digital Artist, Writer & illustrator KUROLAYEFAH OWUGAH


Having been on the job for over these past few years, I’ve learnt quite a lot of things that’s pretty much shaped my personality and ever evolving skill, so whenever I looked back into the past I never believe I could come this far as an Artist . The passion for art has always been there right from the get go, but when you’ve got people trying to convince you that the market for it, is non-existent in a third world capitalist society where most Artist shops take permanent residence by the road side with little or no improvement, it takes the struggle to a whole new different level.

I’ve pretty much tried my hands on every aspect of the field except sculpting which I haven’t really yet delved into aside the clay gigs way back in primary and secondary school, and I believe one of my favorite aspect of art that spurred me onto the path of inspiration was always the drawing and painting aspect, it was a field that one was always inclined to discover and try out something new, so when the first piece of digital Art landed at my school, I couldn’t help but marvel at it , I still remember it vividly, it was a science-fiction Spanish comic entitled “Nathan Never” and though it wasn’t lettered in English it was quite a best seller, right before the Super Strikers comic (…Which was a pretty big influence to a lot of artists back then including myself) landed up my alley.

One aspect of the media industry I believe we all need a little focus and exposure on is science fiction, I am really fascinated by it; hence I love to depict it in my digital paintings. I am mostly into the horror and science-fiction Genre, than I am into realism or the supernatural, because I feel those genres have been popularly explored in these parts of Africa. I love being Diverse with my creations, so I am not one of those Artists who will tell you I am fully committed to only portraying an African themed Society but I rather thrive to address the entity of man as a whole. 

My love for comics drove me on towards digital Arts, God! I made a lot of those things especially in notebooks which pretty much stacked up over time. Over here in PH city, comics are quite rare things to come across, and whenever you found one nowadays they were expensive.

So I decided to get mine published, hence my journey began. The foray has been pretty much, quite a struggle, with a lot of challenges cropping up along the way especially with achieving print quality, But being inspired by Cool Great Artists such as Jim lee, Patrick Brown, Sakimi Chan, Stanley Lau (also known as Art germ),Sean Murphy, Greg Capullo, Tim Sale, Anthony Piper, Ibrahim Ganiyu, Ivan Reis, Ifesinachi Adrien Orjiekwe, Joe Kubert and a whole bunch of other artists, whose works really got me going. Even the Comic Book Studios, Notable ones such as Epoch comics, comic Bandit, Empire comics and a few others were pretty much doing quite a good job in setting a standard



Academy by KUROLAYEFAHHell Raiser

I’ve been able to kick of a few comic book projects which I am on the verge of rounding up this year. One is a Futuristic Sci-Fi Graphic novel set up in a desolate West African world, with quite a lot of diverse characters and intense events all brought about by post-apocalyptic events, while the other which is written by Interesting Writer Bola-Ojo-Kadiri, already in its second issue deals quite a lot with realism, it chronicles a young man’s experience in the Nigerian Defense Academy. Aside all that I am also planning to release a free 23-page Horror comic entitled “Hell Raiser”. 

My work process has pretty much been dynamic over the past few years and is ever evolving, I’ve been very much busy these past few days and I am usually at it (penciling, inking, lettering and coloring) all day long, cos’ you know this kind of thing kind of kills your social life if you are very committed to it especially if you want to be successful at requires dedication, so many people try this out and are not even able to get it off the ground. So focus is an essential ingredient and eventually when one makes it into the industry (that’s getting the recognition one deserves) you have to still prove that you can consistently deliver. So this job demands quite a lot.

Back To the Crew:

We really appreciate the presence of this amazing Artist, to have him as our guest here, you too sure found him interesting, and we promise to bring more more Artists on this particular Label of Comicments so you can meet, get to know and have them reply your Comments, Stick around 😉

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  1. Great work, you are very talented!

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    Well done Kurolayefah! great works!

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