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Justin Peterson Art | Very Near Mint – Bio, Interviews and More Watch the new Wonder Woman Official Trailer #2 in HD

Since the New 52, everyone is been having both eyes and ears out for the next big thing(s).

Four Animations have been disclosed by DC this year and I’d like to correct myself by saying Three because JLA: Trapped in Time, was just 52 minutes and it wasn’t based on the new 52 (which we all are expecting) but it was “assorted” with stars from Super-baby down to the Kents.


Anyways, JLA: Trapped in Time was in January and am here from the future presenting you with the “New 52”. Justice League War will be out in February 4, 2014 and will be the 18th film in DC’s Animated Original Movie Series. The Animation was inspired by/adapted from J.Lee and Geoff john’s 2011 Justice league: Origin’s Storyline.

The antagonist is Darkseid. No. 6 of IGN’s Top 100 comic book villains of all time. The guy with an annoying look that gets worse when he’s smiling.

The main cast of the movie is drawn on the cover and talking about the cover, did anyone notice superman didnt “fist” his hands while flying and Diana was holding a sword and shield? well, Guess what…They hadn’t formed the league here. The heroes did their things individually but they had to unite for WAR!

This world belongs to everyone – Wonder Woman!

video trailer below

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