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The long Awaited Direct-to-video animated movie from DC & Warner Bros. Animation. Now, i know there have been reviews on this particular movie as to the characters and the plot but am gonna go deeper.
Son of Batman will be released on May 6, 2014

The trailer is out there and am gonna take you round the movie briefly with it

Briefly Into The Movie:

Deathstroke turned on Ra’s al Ghul and eventually killed him (According to the Trailer). And Talia al Ghul runs to Wayne for assistance with a boy whom she claimed is his son (Damian) who has been secretly raised by the League of Assassins… Later on, The League of Assassins (Which will later become “The League Of Shadows”) struck the city.

Damian Wayne is Noisy and doesn’t submit to authority and we all know Batman wouldn’t put up with such nevertheless, he tried to raise him as the New Robin to fight when Talia enlists a team of Ninja man-bats on a criminal enterprise with international consequences.


Son Of Batman Copyright DC comics 2014
Son Of Batman Copyright DC comics 2014

The Storyline:

The storyline was adapted from the “Batman & Son” which was written years back (2006) by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert

The cover clearly shows Damian got some of his trainings from “The league of Assassins” because it depicts him with a sword…and that’s something new in a Batman franchise!

We have the Trailer here for you, Enjoy!

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