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For a Chronic DC comics fan, i always thought Bruce Wayne would someday live “happily ever after” in the Wayne manor and Alfred will get a good funeral and a statue at the corner of the mansion. If you’ve seen a cover where Superman is making out with Wonder woman, then the title above won’t shock you.

In September 25, 2012 DC entertainment and Warner bros Animation released a two-part Animated movie based on Frank miller’s 1986 title (the dark knight returns)and the Part 2 was released January 29, 2013. Regrettably, i won’t explain the entire plot because its lengthy, out there on Wikipedia and i would want you to see the Movie cos I’ve seen it myself and i give it 9/10 .I could have made it 10 but our new Robbin is a 13 year old female named Carrie Kelley.

Briefly into the movie:

 batman was now 55 years old and retired after the death of his protege Jason Todd (second Robbin). He gave up on the city and there are now criminals and mutants running the city. News and stories of the crime epidemic throughout the city and the memory of his parents’ deaths drove Wayne to again become Batman. He combats serious crimes. Harvey Dent (Two-Face) resurfaced from Arkham Asylum, had a plastic surgery to repair his face and threatens to blow up buildings if he’s not paid. I assume joker was missing batman and had no one to pick on so he was in Arkham Asylum having catatonia and declared sane. Superman was working for the Government and he was tasked by the president (in part 2) to put an end to batman’s vigilante missions.

In the End Batman kills The Joker permanently,Superman warns Batman that the government will not tolerate him much longer.A fight broke out and our rich detective and hero had to wear a powerful exoframe and was assisted by Robbin and now former Green Arrow Oliver Queen. Batman fought Superman, using various tactics to make the fight the beginning of the fight,superman didn’t throw a punch and made attempts to stop the scene but it got serious and worse than you could ever imagine, When Superman gains the advantage, Queen hits him with an arrow made with synthetic Kryptonite, severely weakening superman. Batman defeats Superman, and claims that he intentionally made the Kryptonite weak, to defeat Superman without killing him, while he was still talking, he had a heart attack on the spot and died while Wayne Manor self-destructs, and Alfred dies of stroke.

In the aftermath, the world learns that Wayne was Batman; all of his secrets are destroyed with the manor and his finances disappear. As Superman leaves Wayne’s funeral, he gives Robbin a knowing wink after hearing a faint heartbeat coming from Wayne’s coffin.In underground caves, Wayne is revealed to have faked his death and makes preparations to continue his mission more discreetly, allied with Robbin,Oliver Queen, and his followers called “the Sons of Batman”. I hope they don’t go running their mouths…LOL

There you have it folks, Bruce Wayne framed his own death.
The movie was so concerning Rotten Tomatoes had to give the Part 1 a score of 100% based on reviews from 5 critics. SuperHeroHype’s Spencer Perry, considers Part 1 to be “one of the best Batman films ever made”, scoring it nine out of ten. It was directed by Jay Oliver, the artist that storyboarded both Man of steel, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Many Marvel series. Jay has been tasked to direct the next animated movie from the The New 52 series, Justice League: War which will be released on February 4, 2014

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