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I Recall A Particular Scene on Justice League animated series, I saw The Strongest man in the Comic universe, SUPERMAN racing Super Cool dude known that faster than Speed Of Light, FLASH competing several times.
On water.
The Deserts.
Rocky areas.

Both Superman and Flash, none were consistent in winning. After several counts I did, the score ended up, SUPERMAN won that Race.

Superman VS The Flash

Well. If you haven’t watched the competitions, I think you should check You Tube,  there should be few Videos, but let’s come to face some Facts, let’s Ask ourselves:

Why Should Superman Even Run Faster than Flash?

Flash is really Good at running, and Being Hasty, but then Their Speed varies with few things.

  • First, let’s forget Clerk’s got various super powers, Superman is SUPER, a demi-god as few call him, Flash is not, Flash only got his Super powers through some scientific way invented by Man.
  • Secondly, Have you seen the Superman Returns movie? Yes, He was Shot straight into the eye ball? And As the bullet went in… You know the rest.
    Superman is Not Human,  He is from Planet Krypton, so if He can live on Planet Earth, as an Alien, then he’s definitely No match for Human with human-super powers.
  • Thirdly, Superman’s Got Faster Brains. If you know what I mean, I;m not talking about their legs Here, Flash is always flashing around, tiny Voice and the likes of it… Girls go wild coz of his Playboy Attitude, but see Superman? His I.Q is always rolling, the voice, his physique, he speaks with much boldness more often, and that’s another FASTNESS I haven’t Seen Flash do.

On the other hand, few watchers have remarked Superman as always “hardworking”, saving lives, trying to pick things from his past, no night party and so On.
NOT everybody likes Superman that way…. being too serious. But does that have to do with SPEED in Intelligence? No way

Several times I had seen same Superman, do the Spinning to Form Tornadoes, I haven’t seen Flash do that, well, if not for Faster Speed, Superman wouldn’t spin 3 rounds.

So that’s All I can Say about this motion about Superman and Flash, Superman aint Human, Flash is. And that’s a very Huge Edge!
Guess this is the very First Debate I’m bringing Up here. Wally is my man, but we have to face to it, Clerk is faster…. Hope you yield?

4 thoughts on “Superman VS The Flash – Who’s Fastest?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Superman and the Flash are both "human." One is Kryptonian and the other is Earthling. One is super powered because of biology, the other was altered through chemistry that changed his biology. Their speed powers are close, but I would give the edge to Barry/Wally/Jay because that is their specialty. And the acceleration of their speed -whether it's because of just an altered biology or because they tap into a "speed force"- makes them faster when it comes down to just speed. However, Superman does have greater stamina and I think in a long race, he would gain the edge, but this would be a very long race because Flash's stamina is also greater than a normal human.
    I also think with his great physical speed, Flash also has great thinking speed and it would seem one would have to have a fast thought capacity just to cope with the billions of split moments happening around him that he is able to accomplish (outrace a bullet while dodging obstacles, while apprehending a situation, while thinking about something that happened last week, while planning a date with his wife, while etc etc etc – and all in the first moment).
    So in just a foot race or a test of reflex, my money is on the Flash.

    Also- with such great speed, the Flash can accomplish many things that superman can do. Such as punch a hole in a wall or shake the foundation of a building because of the momentum he builds up while traveling at supers peed, even at fractions of a distance. By using this momentum, he can also leap great distances. No where as great as superman, but interesting use of a fictional power none the less.

  2. Saint James says:

    You are obviously a superman fan. Flash is the fastest superhero in the and he is faster than quicksilver too. Do your research and don't talk outta ignorance. Flash once ran so fast he turned into energy and was almost lost to the speed force when he single handedly defeated a brainiac and Lex amalgam. View this video for proof of flashes speed and read

  3. James says:

    Superman all the way

  4. Unknown says:

    You're right all the way

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